Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shared Places....A Possible Solution?


We've discovered that cyclists don't follow laws and that cars don't follow laws either.

Well, what's the solution then?

I found this clip from NPR's Talk of the Nation. The topic is Shared Spaces-- or making changes to streets so users self regulate the changes you're looking for. They discuss removing traffic signs, stop signs, lights, curbs, and instead of separating spaces letting ordinary human interactions--and human communication--govern. It is also noted that you can use texture, materials, landscaping, and street furniture to give ques on expected behavior.

Listen to the clip and leave a comment if you think this will or will not work on market street.


Peter said...

shared space -- boo.


Dustin Jensen said...

how come you don't like shared space?

Peter said...

designed to improve traffic flow, and in theory 'safety,' but kills 'subject safety' for cyclists.

Dustin Jensen said...

The guys on NPR mentioned that it's not right for every street. I agree that this would probably not work for Market street. Maybe it works best for smaller roads.